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Solomix 2 VLX-K

Vertical Pull Type Mixer
Double Auger
Model Solomix 2 VLX-K

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The Solomix 2 VLX-K is a heavy-duty mixer feeder, featuring a wider discharge chain conveyor and two vertical augers. This trailed mixer feeder is extremely well-suited to dairy farms that wish to process large quantities of feed in a short space of time. The machine is available in volumes ranging from 24 to 32 m³.  Whether processing small or large quantities, feed is mixed quickly to produce a mix of uniform structure.

Capacity - 24-32 m³
Discharge type - Front Discharge
Model - Trailed
Strawblower - No

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Standard Features:

  • Two Heavy duty Twin stream augers
  • Two (2400) or four (2800/3200) restrictor blades
  • Adjustable and reversible drawbar (2400)
  • Adjustable low drawbar (2800/3200)
  • Wide angle PTO-shaft
  • Reduction gearbox standard
  • Pre-mix rear door
  • Wide cross conveyor chain for distribution at both sides
  • Tandem axle with 4 single wheels
  • Hydraulic brake system
  • Wear ring
  • Trioform auger knives short



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