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Solomix 3 ZK

Vertical Pull Type Mixer
Triple Auger
Model Solomix 3 ZK

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The Solomix 3 ZK is a mixer feeder with three vertical mixing augers and two side discharge slides (front left and right). The machine is available with a capacity of 30m³. Its characteristic features, such as a specially shaped mixing chamber, made-to-measure augers, an adjusted auger speed and exceptionally high quality, ensure reliability, healthy cattle and savings in terms of time and costs.

Capacity - 30 m³
Discharge type - Side Door
Model - Trailed
Strawblower - No

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Standard Features:

  • 540 RPM drive line
  • 3 Twin stream augers
  • 2 Restrictor blades
  • Wide angle PTO shaft
  • Adjustable and reversible drawbar
  • Tandem axle with 4 single wheels
  • Two side discharge doors
  • Flexible and spacious side door covers
  • Manual adjustable discharge chutes
  • Directly operated by tractor hydraulics
  • Hydraulic brake system with parking brake
  • Wear ring



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