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Economy Spreader

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The JBS Economy Manure Spreader is the perfect option for a heavy-duty yet more affordable manure spreader. One of the major benefits of this machine is that it has 4 foot high walls, low enough to load into with a skid-steer. The gearbox on this spreader is low maintenance and built to last.  This spreader comes standard with a Vertimax with dynamically balanced vertical beaters and a guillotine gate to be able to control the flow of the manure. The JBS Economy Manure spreader is a tandem axle with 25 ton spring suspension.

Jbs Spreader Manure Spreading

  • Length 16 - 26 feet    
  • Width: 6.5 feet              
  • Height: 4 feet
  • Heaped capacity: 425 ft 3- 858 ft 3
  • Heaped capacity extensions: 589ft3-1,132ft3
Standard Features:
  • Auger gearbox protection via Shear bolt
  • Reversible cutters
  • 1,000 PTO Speed small or larger
  • Spinner cowling
  • 2 3/16 inches diameter rear drive shaft
  • One piece ½” UHMW floor
  • Long-lasting composite floor shaft bearings
  • WR78 floor chain
  • Spring suspension
  • Helico Gearbox
  • 550, 600, or 700 Alliance tires available
Optional Equipment:
  • Hurricane attachment  
  • Flared extensions

JBS Spreaders Manure Compost Spreader

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