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Hurricane Attachment

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The JBS Hurricane Attachment is an optional spreading attachment for the JBS Manure Spreaders, available in both Narrow Body and Wide Body. The Narrow Body comes with 2 horizontal beaters while the Wide Body comes with 3 horizontal beaters. The adjustable rear gate on The Hurricane allows for a more consistent spread, even in windy environments.   The spinners and horizontal beaters are driven by gearboxes, this makes The Hurricane attachment less maintenance and a longer lasting product. Any JBS spreader can easily be switched from The Vertimax Attachment to The Hurricane Attachment in less than an hour, so only one JBS Manure Spreader is needed to spread a variety of materials.

Attachments for spreaders

Standard Features:
  • Can spread as low as 2 tons to the acre
  • Ideal for lighter / low moisture materials
  • Adjustable rear gate
  • Spreads up to 65 feet wide
  • HardoxTM spinners

Hurricane Attatchment Options on Spreading trailers for Manure

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