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Truck Mounted Spreader

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The JBS Truck Mount Manure Spreader increases your ability to travel on public roads, and is available in both Narrow and Wide Body Mounts. The Wide Body Truck Mount can easily be converted for silage. The Truck Mount Manure Spreader comes standard with a Vertimax attachment with dynamically balanced twin vertical augers. JBS Truck Mount Manure Spreaders have a superior direct drive to drive the beaters. There are two different hydraulic systems available, basic economic controls or hydraulic piston pump with GPS feed rate controls. The Truck Mount can handle all types of manure; a hydraulic guillotine gate allows you to control the flow.

Truck Mounted Spreader Field Spreading

  • Length: 18 - 26 ft
  • Width: 6 feet 6 in -7 feet 4 in        
  • Height: 4 feet
  • Level capacity: 468 ft3 - 769 ft3
  • Heaped capacity: 585 ft3 - 962 ft3
Standard Features:
  • Auger protection via Shear bolt
  • Reversible cutters
  • Steel Idler sprocket bronze bushings
  • 2 3/16 inches diameter rear drive shaft
  • Long-lasting composite floor shaft bearings     
  • One piece 1/2 “ UHMW flooring
  • Spinner cowling
  • WR78 floor chain
  • Narrow Body Truck Mount - Helico Gearbox      
  • Single and dual floor drive
Optional Equipment:
  • Hurricane attachment
  • Wall extensions
  • Paint color and decal packages
  • Narrow or Wide Body
  • Fenders with mud flaps    
  • Electric/hydraulic controls 
  • Angled or straight bulkhead       
  • Fold away lights

Truck Mounted Field Spreader Manure Compost


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