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795 Spinner Spreader

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The Hydra-Ram Manure Spreader (400 bu) is a unique design that utilizes hydraulic cylinders to push the load off as opposed to augers or apron chains. This machine has fewer moving parts, providing longer life and service. All side and floor panels are laminated poly covered INDUSTRIAL PANELAM™. It will spread: Pen Packed Manure, Poultry Manure, Saturated Poultry Manure, Fly Ash and Wet Lime up to 30-foot wide spread pattern.

Features and Options:

•Pik Rite uses stainless steel hydraulic tubing exclusively
•Direct Hydraulic Drive
•Self-Contained Hydraulic System
•(4) Horizontal Spinner Spreading
•Single Wheel System
•Positive Unloading Controlled Feed System
•Detachable Spinner/Beater Panel






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